Why Lottery Winners Crash After Jackpot Win

By   February 26, 2015

We spend so much time dreaming about the day when we’ll hit the big time, that not enough attention is given to what you should be doing after.  Being bombarded by the media for interviews and family members that you didn’t even know you had, things could get a little overwhelming if you not prepared.  There’s nothing unusual about this, with the same things happening to most lucky lottery winners.  Here’s some advice from a financial advisor in the hopes that you will remember his words when you hit the big time with the online lottery:

Count  dollars.

There are certain predictable patterns which can be noticed amongst winners, many of whom experience a sort of out-of-body experience after finding out that they have just received such a jaw-dropping fortune.  This could even be called the honeymoon stage of sudden wealth, that overwhelming feeling where you know that all of your dreams have just come true.  It’s normally a matter of days before reality hits them and they realize that they can’t go around blowing their winnings all day long.

Think of a pendulum, which swings from one extreme to the other – this is exactly what it’s like.  This is where you need to think of one thing: are you going to let the money control your life or are you going to take control of your own lives and make use of the money as a tool rather than to be used by the money.  Even though this is a delicate process you have to keep in mind that it could have dramatic repercussions on not only you, but you family too.

The solution to your problems is realizing that your win doesn’t define who you are, neither will it change what you enjoyed about your life before.  This involves exploring exactly what you want your life to look like, and then finding the perfect strategy which will use your money to help you achieve this.  It’s important that you fill the void which the honeymoon stage will leave by finding a purpose and keeping busy with activities.  You might want to think about whether it will be beneficial for you to keep your job too.  Remember that the less free time you have, the less unnecessary money you’ll spend.

The best way for you to feel in control of your money is to be clear on the exact amount that you have, where it is, as well as how much income it will produce.  Once that’s done and dusted, you’ll be able to develop a strategy for responding to any loan requests which you will more than likely be getting from your friends and family.  You have a lot more money than you’re used to, but don’t forget that you don’t have to change the way that you live.


Now that you know how to handle a big win, you can go ahead and play the lotto online.  Once you’ve had a look at your lottery horoscope and made your lucky number selection, place your entries for the upcoming draws this weekend before your time runs out.  The sooner you play, the sooner you could be in possession of winning lottery numbers and walking away richer than you’ve ever imagined!